10 Reasons Why I Wish I Was Still in High School

10) I could get away with watching teeny bopper shows on the CW and Teen Nick

9) My primary concern was, “How can I get him to like me”?

8) Sleepovers felt like getaways with friends and NOT just events trying to reclaim my youth.

7) Hanging out at the mall never got boring, even if I came home without buying anything.

6) I always totally got what Counting Crows, Nirvana, and Wallflowers were singing about.

5) I didn’t NEED to work, I just WANTED to.

4) I could eat fries, pizza, and chicken nuggets for lunch and not even gain an ounce of weight.

3) There was a good reason to look forward to the summer.

2) I didn’t want to ignore phone calls like I do now. I could spend hours on the phone with the same person and NEVER get bored.

1) I still had college, marriage, career, and children to look forward to because the future was still ahead and undone!