The Top 10 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Turn Thirty

About a month and a half ago, I published a post regarding my soon-to-be thirtieth birthday. I posted The Top 10 Accomplishments of My 20\’s . But in the last few days, as the day approaches closer and closer, I started thinking about the things I would LIKE to accomplish before I start my middle-aged life (yuck). However, unfortunately, I probably won’t have enough time to achieve these miraculous accomplishments (but I promise you I will one day soon, God willing). Yet, I thought it would be fun to share them with you anyhow :)

Here it goes…

10) Have my tell-all book become a bestseller.

9) Own an awesomely comfortable, pillow top, queen-sized bed

8) Visit Australia and maybe hop with the kangaroos

7) Read Hamlet from cover to cover

6)  Buy a Gibson electric guitar with amp

5) Be totally and undoubtedly in shape… You see, once upon a time in my mid-twenties, I had a 25 inch waste and wore Express Jeans, but after marriage, living in the fattest city in the Middle East (that’s a fact), and losing an entire thyroid gland (seriously, it was not fun), I somehow went from being in shape to being… just average… gasp! End of story.

4) Be rich enough to buy a BMW. I don’t need to drive it, just keep it in front of my house and look at it everyday.

3) Publish an article in a nationally respected and recognized newspaper/magazine (i.e. New York Times, Newsweek, The New Yorker, etc.) And I am not talking about a “letter to an editor” or an opinion piece, but a 2,000 word news piece.

2) Cut my own album, all with my own original lyrics, music, and vocals. Oh and for it to be number 1, even if it’s for just a week.

1) TO SEE MY NAME IN LIGHTS… I had an employer once tell me that I shouldn’t be sitting behind a desk or working for anyone. She told me that I was the kind of person who was destined to see my name in lights one day. I don’t know if that’s true, but that would be just awesome…

I have so many dreams and just so little time.

~~Leen J.


The Top 10 Accomplishments of my 20’s

It’s no secret that I am turning 30 this year. In fact, in just 2 months and 10 days, I will be the big 3-0. And it is no secret that I am sick about it. I know, I know, women are like a fine wine; we get better with age. But as I was telling my cousin this afternoon, I am afraid we might just be like milk, the longer you let us sit on a shelf, the more sour we become. But either way, as I approach this horrible number, I find that my only consolation is to look back at my 20’s and reminisce. I started thinking back to all the things I’ve accomplished in the last decade, and I actually felt lucky. I guess sometimes we take for granted the things that seemed to come easy for us. We tend to concentrate on the things that were hard to accomplish and the things we still don’t have.

So, the following is my TOP 10 list of accomplishments of my 20’s.

10) I finally got to see London. I walked on Abbey road, beheld the beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and dined on fish and chips. It was amazing and am so thankful that I got to do it all with my wonderful older sister.

9) I lived in a foreign country for a whole year, and even better, I lived to talk about it!

8) I was so lucky to live in the Capitol: Yes, good old  Washington, DC. I loved it. And I think there is something really special about living in DC, that NO place in the United States can replace.

7) I have been to a Bon Jovi concert…. Enough said

6) I got married… No matter how it ended, I don’t care. I still married the most beautiful man I knew. I loved him and that’s what mattered.

5) I got divorced… Some people think that isn’t an accomplishment. But believe me, it is. I wish more people knew how much of an accomplishment this REALLY is.

4) I graduated from college with a degree in International Studies.

3) At 24 I published my first news article. After that, I became a published writer with numerous news, lifestyle, and entertainment articles.

2) I learned to play guitar AND had my first LIVE performance with both vocals (my true love) and guitar. It was the single best moment of my life. I have yet to find anyone who loves to sing more than me. And I am not through yet. I am writing my own songs now and will be posting new performances soon.

1) I survived my 20’s, and lived to see 30…. well, I hope :)


What I really feel like I have to say here, right now is that I hope more girls in their 20’s don’t take for granted these amazing years. I know you are going to undoubtedly screw up, live in crappy places, take jobs that are way below your skills, have kids before you are really ready, forgive people who don’t deserve it, and hold grudges against people who truly deserve your love. But please remember that this decade of your life is amazing. I am sure the 30’s will also be wonderful. But nothing compares to being a bright-eyed 20-year-old, straight out of college and starting your new life and embarking on a destiny you will never forget. 

Good luck.

~~Leen J.