Behind the Poetry

Most people usually assume that poetry is literally reflective of the poet’s feelings. And sometimes, just sometimes, this is true. But many times, it is not.

For me, poetry is just a creative expression. Many times it is very personal. But other times, it is my imagination just running amuck. Sometimes I tell fictional stories with fictional characters. Other times I see things, just one image or hear one word, that inspires me to write a poem.

Lots of my poetry is inspired by my own real life experiences, some good and some bad. And other times, they are just figments of my imagination. And many poems are a good mix of both. I utilize exaggeration, rhyme, imagery, juxtaposition, and other literary tools to bring my poetry alive.

Punctuation is a point I have to address. In poetry writing, punctuation is subjective. I only use it as far as it can fulfill my purpose. That is called “poetic license”. I fudge the periods and commas and sometimes even make up words, if, and only if, it furthers the point I’m trying to get across through my writing.

But in the end, I hope you can relate to my poetry and my writing in general. In essence, that is my ultimate goal: to create poetry that others can relate to and say “hey, I know exactly what she’s talking about.”

Read and enjoy :)

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