I am a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king.

Actually I am not. I am just Leen (no that’s not a description).

My name is Leen Jaber and this site is a living tribute to my self-expression.

I am a poet (actually), a singer and musician, a writer and defender of the oppressed, the misjudged and the unheard. Here, you will find manifestations of all of that, as they are all a part of me.

The Lost and Found began as a project to clear the clutter that accumulated in my mind and in my heart after my divorce, and as does everything else in the world, it has grown and blossomed into so much more than that for myself. and hopefully others.

It is a place where you find things that you didn’t know were missing, but may be useful to you. You will for certain find everything you can or cannot relate to. Please share what you find here that speaks to you. And your thoughts and criticisms are always welcomed.

Enjoy and God Bless you…

Leen R Jaber



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