Gap Girl

Gap Girl –A Poem Written February 9, 2000, by Leen Jaber

She twists and turns in her own tangled web,
Those who think they love her cannot help.

She frowns when things fail to go her way,
She prays that things’ll change the next day.

Everything to her must always stay silent,
It is always cold within her personalized climate.

She aches and moans from her own pain,
Does she really care that we are all the same?

She claims to love, but I’m not sure if that is so,
Inside her being and heart, I’ll never know.

She does not care much for what others feel,
She doesn’t even attempt to help them heal.

Blue jeans, Gap shirt, and all her ignorance,
She uses her friends as a type of insurance.

Does she not know that we all care?
She thinks those who pretend are those with whom she shall share.

Alas, I am one of the only real companions she has in this world,
Alas, I am a friend to the one, the only – real life Gap Girl.

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