Falsehood – A Poem Written March 1, 2011 by Leen Jaber

You want me to be happy
Because you are selfless, good-hearted and kind

Or maybe, just maybe
Because it eases your own pain or guilt
For leaving me without ward or word
Without guide or pride
Or anything tangible to cling to

You wretched man
Your falsehood is what guided your actions
And has allowed you to feel safe

It placates you
It’s your lullaby
It’s your God

But if I tell you I’m sad
You feel sorry for yourself
And drink a pint
Trying to resolve the issues that made your life hard

It’s all about you.
It’s always all about you
Isn’t it though?

If I’m sane and successful
Then it means you did nothing wrong
It solidifies your conviction to Godliness and truth

But guess what?
Despite my quality of life
Despite my contentment of existence
I’m still me
I’m still who you made me
I’m still decaying
And still evaporating
And still wondering why

Does your falsehood still keep you company?


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